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Egg Fried Rice

Egg Fried Rice Each forkful of egg-fried rice offers a delightful medley of flavours. Combine this with our Vegetable Jiaozi…

Tomato Chutney

Tomato Chutney A flavourful, aromatic, and versatile condiment. Dipping Momos into tomato chutney becomes a culinary ritual, with each dip…

Hot & Sweet Gochujang Coleslaw

Hot & Sweet Gochujang Coleslaw A fusion-inspired take on the classic coleslaw, combining the crunchy freshness of traditional coleslaw with…

Jhol Momo Sauce

Jhol Momo Sauce This flavourful and savoury sauce is traditionally served with Momos, adding a burst of spice to the…

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The UK’s food, wine and grocery stores located in Northern England, that stocks Love Sum dumplings.

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